Blood and Oil

Building Relations

Pay Me My Money: In Cash

The courts have come together now to attempt a unified assault on the suburbs. My unique potential may be an asset in the future, with subtle changes to the blood. I expect that the division will return shortly. The courts may seek different support not that Endagre is no longer in play. I should keep my new connections quiet for a while, to alleviate any undo suspicion.

I went on the raid, I gain nothing from it, and revealed myself to Mel. However, this must be done to maintain my cover. I did get a police cruiser out of the deal. I sold it to Ray. He owes me 700 dollars, I’ll have to go back and get it. The asshole needs to pay me my money: in cash.

Jason Endagre has met his final death. Willy “The Snitch” Stabler required that the unspeakable be visited upon him, it may have been a release for him after what he must have experienced with that disease. He had some connections in the local government that he was kind enough to introduce me to, prior to his death.

Melchior Hessian knows to much, for now he is blood bound not to reveal it, I am not sure that this provides sufficient recourse if he does. I must secure a more powerful base to place myself above reproach on the issue. I should also arrange for a scapegoat to take the fall if it ever came out.

Willy owes me, I should get the word out about what happened with Endagre. Also that I have clout with Willy now.


CHarrison RSHipskind

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