Blood and Oil

My Name Rings Out

You come at the king, you best not miss

Every Kindred in this city knows my name. As well they should. I took nothing and I made it everything. My name rings out in Court now. I walked in and no one knew me, now I walk in and they clear a path. Because those who know what happens in this city know; they know this was my coup and Victoria is Prince because I made it so. This deal was brokered in a basement room between Victoria, Mel and Me.

There, of course, were others involved. Connor was a crucial piece of muscle, we may not be here if not for him. The helsings are a different matter now though. And Mel is Victoria’s right-hand man in the Covenant, which makes his cousin Vinny important. Thus far Victoria does not know what I am. Mel has been good to his word. He is an ideologue. And that intrigues me. He mused not long ago what my politics were. Ideologues do not understand self-preservation.

Marcus Gerard is General and Victoria is Prince and I, I am Primogen, my word holds weight, because I hold the word of The Prince and The Snitch.

Endagre’s memories have served me well, with my contacts in the The Renaissance and his in the local government I have ample pull amongst the kine. I’ve been able to cut profitable deals in order to get things done: my van has new plates because some reporters showed up at the right time, and some national funds for education came through for Victoria thanks to some pressure from city council.

Now I must secure my gains, this crypt will not do for long. Security through obscurity may have worked a week ago when I was unknown in this territory, but no longer. The homeless still assist me, and I them. I can only hope my new position will allow me to help them as well. I lived their life for the past decade and it is no easy task.

Perhaps now, with this power, I will be able to have my peace.

I suspect not. It’s all in the game.

Ain’t no way out.


CHarrison RSHipskind

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